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Bill Clinton Never Heard of Epstein’s Big Dirty Secret? | POTUS Twitter Issues

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The ruling works both ways. This ruling will be turned around and used against them in the future. Just be patient.

  2. Wow! Was I first? Anyway just wanted to say we have a 19 yr old young man still living at home with us named Joshua. Nicknamed his whole life Joshy Bear!

  3. how could anyone, even this shit face clinton ever lie more to the public than he has. Gosh, the clintons, especially their ugly daughter, are sick, fucking freaks.

  4. Never heard of Epstein's island?  Bill Clinton reminds us of that old Walter Matthau and Jack Benny movie "A Guide for the Married Man" where Matthau gets lessons from his friend Robert Morse about cheating on his wife. No matter what Matthau challenged Morse with on what happens if he ever gets caught, he is to …"DENY".   Matthau goes "But what if we caught red-handed?!"  Morse answers….DENY…DENY…DENY.

  5. Bill Clinton Never Heard of Epstein's Secret Island and did not have sex with that woman Ms. Lewinsky. Tertiary syphilis can effect your memory.

  6. The Clintons get Dementia every time some one tells the truth about them. They lie, they get even, they eliminate whoever knows the truth about them. Arkansas has 49 suicides some with not one but two bullets in the back of their heads. After the first bullet how can a second one go in as straight as the first one. This is call unwanted assisted suicide by their enemies. I pray that Justice is going to come to the two most corrupt idiots the world has ever had to deal with. Hang them HIGH with a short rope like they did to their victims with the door knobs. I pray it all comes to a head ASAP if not sooner. Good riddance to bad rubbish., The stink is already making
    “We The People “ sick to our stomachs over what she and Uma did to that little girl. Too bad it couldn’t be done to them exactly how they did to that little girl that they tortured, raped then murdered her and dissected her and drank the blood from her body. HELL has a place at the lowest level waiting for her and all her cronies to spend Eternity in it with their father, SATAN, who is the father of liars, who comes to KILL, STEAL,
    AND DESTROY anything or anyone , who is a child of God

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