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Billions Made in Meltdown, Ripple Cory Johnson Coinbase, 2% Money Laundering Crypto, Softbank

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Ripple Chief Market Strategist on Panel at CryptoMonday in San Fransisco talks about Cryptocurrency.

Only 2% of Japan’s 340,000 money laundering cases involve cryptocurrency.

Chinese Bamboo

Daily XRP News


  1. Yes and one more big mistake Warren. For some people it just won't sink in. Bitcoin is a WORLD currency and if you have a smart phone the world is your oyster. The bank is in your hands. Warren has too get out more.

  2. Am thinking like the institutional mindset. Buy in when prices are tanking, to make the most returns when the next cycle offers a new All Time High

    It's so logical and a great time to diversify, since prices are low all around. I only get anxious when not participating in bear market bottoms

  3. I liked your segment at the end about the ninja. I knew about Takeda from watching the Japanese film "Ten to Chi to" (Heaven & Earth). Where was this statue located?

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