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Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Vulnerable, XRP Can Take Advantage

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  1. Very inciteful.. The sentiment of a consumer market must have confidence in the capability of the product.. Lack of consensus undermines that confidence as has been witnessed over the course of the multiple hard forks.

  2. I like your optimism but XRP won't decouple from BTC no matter how much issues you think it has. Its not about how utilitarian XRP is but its a liquidity play thats why exchanges wont use XRP as a pairing. Plus what part of store of value dont people get? The reason why BTC will always reign supreme is due to its immutability, institutions will definitely want more of that than something with an astronomical supply like XRP. And thats if you understand how economics work.

  3. FUCK YOU ALEX COB! You are a scam and just want people's MONEY! You took down your live stream that has BULLSHIT CONTENT! Why did you take it down huh?!?! DAI is crushing your punk ass bitch

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