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Bitcoin Centralization Proof Arises! 50 Banks Trial Trade Finance on R3!! Wall Street Bullish On XRP

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  1. Hey Alex, can you turn your volume up ~20-50% from where it's at? I have to turn my volumes to 100% and still strain to hear you in the car when ever you speak softly. I know my poor hearing is my own problem, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who's hearing is going but still enjoys your insight. <3

    EDIT: Wow, someone corrected you in stream and it was just mic position. Kindly disregard the above! xD xD

  2. On the news front, I'm curious who the two participants are that made up the 4% of the 50 banks trying to claim the network wouldn't help them are. I wish we could get their names, so we could laugh at them for being the future Blockbusters of the financial world. It's like "Sorry? Literally all your peers are saying the system would help. You must have forgot to plug in an Ethernet cable or something." lol

  3. I finially got 2/3 of my xrp that's been sitting in gatehub, off to my ledger nano s that I bought 6 months ago. Not going to lie, was a little bit of a bitch for a non-techi guy to do, but watched an old Kung Fu nerd video about how to set up the nano and got her done. The other 1/3 am keeping on Uphold to dump when XRP hopefully gets up to $30 in the next bull run.

    My tinfoil hat theory is that this hack on binance was orchestrated on purpose to drive large wallet holders into custody solutions and or to drive regulations to requiring custody for wallets over a certain size, to hook up the big banks that are starting to get into crypto custody. Or maybe it was just to keep the market from rallying because JP and Goldman's crypto funds weren't white ready yet.

  4. XRP is the worst stable coin at 30 cents. Down over 90%. It was hard to do worse than trust David Schwartz who dumped his XRP bags at the top of the last bull run. He has no confidence in XRP, and neither should you. CCN, Cointelegrapgh, and Daily HODL are all scam sites that pretend XRP is breaking out by going from 30 to 31 cents. They say it daily because they are dedicated liars.

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