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Bitcoin ETF Japan, Feb DEBATE Ripple vs SWIFT 1TC Germany, XRP Flip the Switch, ADA Cardano Japan

Daily XRP News

ADA Cardano on Japanese TV .
Watch entire program from this link: *****HEy Hey Everyone. This link which was on this site I provided has been taken down from Youtube. However! I found that you can do a pay per view on the NHK Site for $1.00 (one dollar) on their archive site. Sorry…Best I can do for those who wish you watch. Thank you!

13 new Ripplenet customers!

The Debate in Germany at 1TC Ripple vs Swift
Go Go Go Margan Delatinne

Walking Street Tour in Tokyo

Daily XRP News


  1. Raymaker – Rainmaker _ Close but no cigar….. Ok as far as customers go for Ripple I am pretty sure I hear Brad say they wer very close to hitting 200 customers in a video in the fall. Of course he said he had people he cant announce because of Confidentiality. I believe he is SANDBAGGING i think he keeps about 15 to 20% under wraps so he can always under promise and over deliver… As far as a debate goes why would any company openly debate another company about their technology on an open for? That is not how companies normally operate… That's how politicians operate. What they say can do a lot of damage to the company if boneheads in the cyber world misinterpret it or don't understand it and spread wrong assumptions all over the net

  2. Hey Eri, I’m getting e-mails from you. Do you send out e-mails about investments, etc?
    I’m not sure they’re from you. Please let me know. Thanks! Please mention in your videos.

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