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Bitcoin Gold Theory And Ripple XRP / Siam Bank App

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. Good vid. I hope that payoff comes sooner than later, because yes, we've sat through this bear market and we are still sitting on this never ending bear market!

  2. They are going to back crypto currencies with Gold. It's going to happen.

    A director of a certain crypto blockchain project recently said the team plan on backing their smart contract digital asset with Gold. This certain blockchain company has partnered with an influential and  well connected African organization that specializes in financing MINING ventures in Africa, and their crypto blockchain fintech is currently being trialled by the Zimbabwe government. They are co-working with the Zimbabwe government on testing a digital version of the national currency. And Zimbabwe has THE second largest un-mined Gold reserves in the world. Chances are, they are going to enter into a partnership with Zimbabwe. It's all about the GOLD! Over a dozen African nations will probably enter into MOUs in the next year or so. And that's just for starters. Ripple's not the only one out there making waves.

    This certain crypto blockchain project have already entered into a legally binding partnership with an African government to be utilized within their Gold and Diamond mining industry. It's already happening, and other African nations are taking notice.

    There are a lot of African nations out there that are Impoverished, have high inflation problems, yet are stood on a foooking Mountain of mineral wealth and precious metals. Their governments want to get the people out of poverty, and are open to new technology in order for them to help solve their problems and successfully compete with the developed world.

    Blockchain Fintech is going to EXPLODE in the developing world.

    Next week, they are going back to have a second meeting with representatives of the Egyptian government on trialling their blockchain fintech for governmental and national use. And Egypt has a population of 100 million.

    Africa is awash with mineral resources. More than anywhere else in the world, by a wide margin. They are going after the mineral resources… and the Gold.

    China's Belt and Road leads all the way to Africa.

    China is the biggest producer and consumer of Gold in the world. According to Max Keiser, China has in excess of 20,000 tonnes of (undisclosed) Gold in their reserves, and they plan to use it to back their (soon to be digital) Yuan to neutralize the power and influence of the US dollar as global reserve currency. The BRICS nations are tired of Uncle Sam's control and are going their own way.

    Gold is going to make a MASSIVE comeback.

    Why do you think many of the world's central banks have been buying large quantities of Gold since the Crash of 2008? It's a hedge against storing all their wealth in US dollars, a currency that could soon turn to shit if another rival nation decides to go the Gold-backed route. Gold is the central bank's ammunition in times of economic uncertainty.

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