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Bitrue Coin BTR: Explaining The Value

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  1. Hey OZ!! Big time Fan!! I think people in general realize they stand the possibility of sudden wealth being in this entire overall Market of Digital Assets! The Coins or Projects at this moment obviously can be debated on which stand that best chance for creating huge wealth! I think we see that type of video everyday by every content creator in one way or another! What we don’t see is good advice and/or content with secure and responsible methods people need to know once their assets take a Moon shot!! Everyone certainly has different entry and exit points for any given project, however I truly believe many people in this space don’t really have a grasp of the responsibility that comes with being wealthy!! Wealthy investors in this space are just that and although they see the future value and gains that will be had, they don’t inherently associate with anxious and reckless behavior! Given all this, I believe you may be the perfect content creator to pass on the message to new investors and/or investors that don’t have a lot of disposable income and assets! This is important cause once sudden wealth is created the people that do not have already adopted sound and responsible practices with wealth management stand to lose it all for simply not being prepared! All people do investments for many reasons, but one reason remains constant for all, and that is increase their position of wealth!! People need to have concrete plan with secure on and of roads for moving and storing wealth!! This point can’t be driven home hard enough! With wealth comes tremendous responsibility and respect!! Thank you and Good day.

  2. BTR will be partly be like BNB, for buybacks, but later it will be based on the XRPL, nextly they want to use this as a means for investment funds to bring about liquidity to Firms in Asia. Please watch the Video from BlueNetGaming about BiTrue's Amsterdam meetup, the CEO goes into detail about what they want to do.

  3. Thanks for the update.
    Initially I was super enthusiastic about the project when I drew an analogy with BNB and the success story it’s been so far… But when I looked up Bitrue on the internet I received too many alarm bells in terms of the name and the trigram BTR on CMC…
    When I asked about the trigram that will be used on let’s say CMC no answer so far from the Bitrue team… that certainly doesn’t clear any doubts from my perspective.
    We’ll either praise ourselves or feel sick to the stomach for our decisions in the near, not so distant future.

  4. Oz I just don't get bitrue what I can see is u can't buy with your bank account or cash out to bank account, what I can only see it to buy usdt somewhere else then go to bitrue any use that to buy what is the point of this. I just don't get it

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