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Bix Weir $1,000 Silver Challange

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Bix is back with more Ripple and XRP misinformation along with an outright attack on the XRP Community. I’ll dismantle is points one by one and offer him the chance to prove the XRPL is not immutable as he claims.

XRPL Validator List:

XRPL Documentation:

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  1. tricky Bixy has steered so many folks wrongly on many cryptos he recommended on his bullshit road to roota 1 to 2 yrs ago.. He really stiffed alot of peeps on SALT ppt pillar veri etc.. He is well known as THE SALT SCHEISTER.. hes a believer in deepstate Charlie Lee cashing out at the very highest profits in ltc.. he will never accept your challenge .. look his fav fans are CLIFF GOOFIE FUK HIGH and SNIPPY the cluster troll .. thankyou SIA for all your intelligences.. we all much appreciate you

  2. He doesn't have to be a fan of XRP but to spread misinformation isn't right! His arguments really make him come across as ignorant

  3. So he says "once bankers buy in, then they're out"…? then he says "it was created buy bankers for bankers." This is just ignorant speech. I heard this guy earlier today I tried really hard not to shut him off. My will power was not strong today.

    Please try to get him on a live chat. Please!

    HAHAHA He blocked you!!! Damn there goes a live chat.

  4. SIA i will up the bet and send you 2 rolls of silver 40 coins to add to the pot .. its devestateing to many when he told peeps to buy SALT on their platform for 25 buks.. plus his other bs calls.. please let me know if my offer is acceptable in the comments and i will send and you can verify.. thankyou sir doug mrozik

  5. He knows his silver, but as far as crytos go BIX WIER HAS NO IDEA. He parrots Cliff
    High’s ‘Woo Woo’ ramblings & makes the rest up on the fly. Wish I had never
    listened to him … otherwise I would have got into XRP at .6c  .. thanks Bix. We are so fortunate to have Sam.

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