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Bix Weir – Banks Do NOT hold XRP!

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This is a Retort to Bix Weir @RoadtoRoota ‘s video claiming Banks are the primary holder of XRP, which will cause the price of XRP to go to zero when the banks collapse.

Bix’s Video:

Sagar Sarbhai Head of Regulatory Relations –
APAC & Middle East, Ripple (Banks can’t hold XRP)

Global Banks Test Ripple’s Digital Currency in New Blockchain Trial

HBO Mocumentary:


Deutsche Bank Derivatives Time bomb Myth:

My video on the IMF/Negative Interest Rates:

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  1. I’d like to see a debate between you and Bob from Cryptocurrency news (shoot me a like if anyone else agrees)

  2. I realised last year, after the ethereum classic 51% attack.. the price ratio between coins appears to be roughly equal to the security of the network, ie how much $$$ it costs to attack.
    Bix is going purely on coin supply for his 4:1 thesis, which for such a smart dude is a surprisingly under-cooked assessment!

  3. When do you anticipate Tether to be yanked? Loaded question I recognize (apologies). Once regulation is established? That would be a sight!!

  4. Umm. Pretty sure fidelity wont be buying xrp. At least at the start. Btc eth and ltc only. Not saying they wont later..but not in the beginning. This is my understanding..from a few sources now.

  5. SIA, I also see xrp as an outsource tool for banks nostro and vostro accounts, now how attractive does that sound to banks etc? I’d say simply brilliant!

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