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Blockchain Tech Already Being Exploited – We Must Stay Vigilant! (Xrp Chip Conspiracy)

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Daily XRP News


  1. I love XRP! We gotta make sure we monitor all these new companies popping up that want to exploit the tech! This company just launched a few months ago! Please share your thoughts…

  2. Don't hesitate with the religious angle, it is connected in some way, imo. Everything they are rolling out is leading up to The Mark, they are and will package it in a way that the people will gladly ask and except it 🙁

  3. the devil knows the bible too. If we make it with xrp we must still be informed of the evils out there and fight if we need to and defeat evil. holy warriors.

  4. I think the real mark of the beast will be ai controlled vr + some sort of immortality. Think about it, if you can't die then your soul can't leave. Maybe thats the real hell.

  5. Yikes guy… I hate to say all this….. however I'm going too.

    People just gotta take the good with the bad because that's the choice in front of you. If you believe in crypto and the financial advantages of being early, then you are just lying to yourself if you think there isn't a catch to the whole damn thing.

    It goes like this –

    A person can be early and become wealthy to whatever extent you invested or you can be late and forced to adopt anyway without getting ahead a little.

    Regardless – there is no way the "powers that be" don't want a cryptographic permanent ledger of every transaction every human makes so they can scalp from it. It's the ultimate control – just as predicted.

    People who are concerned should get their personal business situated toot sweet (same as ricky fuckin tick) if they even think for a moment it's possible without being known/tracked through current credit cards and banking. You couldn't get away with it 10 years ago so why people think they can now is beyond me. Home computer "viruses", "Trojan horses", and "worms" were created to get people to install corporate spyware and pay for it themselves. Then cell phones became the mobile tracking devices people pay someone else to monitor them with and their every move. Then social media apps became popular and are voluntary spyware.

    Humans are fools.

    I mean holy sh*t…. they have forced the world…. the ENTIRE WORLD to accept un-backed paper debt/script as "money" and then issued/printed the ever lovin sh*t out of it destroying the working man and his family while using it themselves to gain even greater advantages over the working class. Poor people are lost and looking for handouts – rich people just get richer and most "rich" are retarded losers. The guy in the middle is the target because he is on the fence about it all. "should I cave, or should I revolt…. I just dunno".

    Revolt – you become a priority target.

    Go along – you become a target for later.

    I think it's already way too late so…. I'll take the benefits of a little early "new world order" money and try to help my family, friends, and community the best I can as long as I can.

    The common man has long been wrapped in a helical plane around a linear axis.

    Nobody gets out alive.

    Joe Walsh for President

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