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Bombing Run for December 14th – D-Day has Arrived

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Anyone who thinks someone other than Biden will become President in January has long left reality behind and is embracing fantasy land hopes.

  2. 17 Gov Agencies said the 2016 elections was hacked. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM. We had a illegitimate president for 4 years and the messed this idiot left the country in is proof he was incompetent for the office of the White House.

  3. Well it's been since summer since I was watching your Channel and now it's so different I'm glad though I'm only a couple minutes in happy to see that your finding something besides xrp related because now everything's has changed or ?
    I had to stop watching because I was scared I had to leave the city & go to the country because i'm scared now..I'm here and now it's all f*** just wandering I guess I should listen to the end? LOL

  4. Law enforcement is so corrupt to the smallest towns let me tell you I'm in a very small town and I saw corruption just yesterday just last night police officers are corrupt because they're afraid of the assholes who are training then! It is disgusting. They are currently learning how to be cops by observing completely humiliating & disgraceful you would not want to treat your mother or your sister or your brother like this. And the younger keys are too afraid to say anything. It will be a long time before I can trust a cop again and I come from a long line of cops

  5. Silver will be valuable when we do not have internet… but only if you physically hold it. saying you own in on the internet will not mean anything in a no power grid world.

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