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Bombing Run for February 6th &7th – CyberWarfare

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hello, can anyone point me to the channels of "WULFMAN" and "BRITISHMISS" that SAM mentioned? i am not able to find them on Youtube. Thanks a lot from Germany!

  2. Hi Sam good content can u please tell are the airdrops on the add true u send in 10 ETH and they send u 20? back with Vitalik Buterin I was worried to do that do u know is a scam ?? Thanks

  3. Sam this is nonsense!!! If ONLY you knew what you were talking about ANY aircraft that fly's the POTUS is designated as AF1 its the Office holder that gives the aircraft the designation and not the aircraft itself. Its amazing to me how little you Americans even know about your system of government!!! A simple google search would tell you this instead of pushing conspiracy theories….. The president could be flying on a puddle jumper and it would be called AF1…..gosh what type of gas lighting stuff you got going on here…..

  4. Airforce one is not one specific plane, it's any plane the President is riding on, that becomes AirForce One, its a call-sign. Sam 2600 is the tail designation of Boeing 707 used by Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, and the Early days of Reagan, it is currently at the Air Force Musem.

  5. Dawkins is not a Biologist his degrees are in Zoology, Zoology may have classwork in biology, but it's not biology. University of Oxford, where he received a bachelor’s degree in zoology in 1962. He remained at Oxford, earning his master’s and doctorate degrees in zoology in 1966 under famed ethologist Nikolaas Tinbergen. Dawkins assisted Tinbergen before becoming an assistant professor of zoology (1967–69) at the University of California, Berkeley. He returned to Oxford to lecture in zoology in 1970.

  6. * sam can u just put out the opening Hello im montague poem in its entirety only so we can send it….most people around us here wont even open long videos and click through ….no computer here just phone or would do it self. Thx

  7. I think the cop with the beard at 32:18 was one of the cops in the capitol when the protesters were shepherded in and then pushed around by the cops

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