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Bombing Run For January 28th & 29th – Wall Street Exodus?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The problem with the contrived XRP pump is the exaggerated enrichment of the Ripple cartel (executives, vulture capitalists, hedge fund investors). The dumb money wants to get back at The Man. But they don’t understand that Ripple is The Man. The entire Ripple hierarchy is swampy. XRP is wonderful code. But Ripple is the exact middleman that crypto was suppose to intermediate.

  2. Hi Sam. I’ve recently caught a couple of your Bombing run vids – which I commend you on & think that you’re killing it- def on the right track IMO. It seems to me that you’ve change tack or changed direction from maybe 6 or 12 months ago…?
    Anyway, keep it rolling …👍😉
    In regard to the eSDR debate – I want to throw something out to ponder… If you accept that we are going to move back to a sound money system, which has been predicted by Cue, and hinted at by the Trump WhiteHouse ( JS)- and more recently confirmed by Lynn Wood… then on a ‘gold backed currency system’ using gold ( or a digital representation of ) as the unit of account, IMO- SDR’s as they exist – or even an eSDR is redundant & has no role to play. Same goes for the IMF- it is/was a globalist construct that will be either be demolished or restructured for a different purpose. With Gold as the unit of account, what is needed is a settlement/ exchange mechanism – which would be XRP ( IMO)
    In this scenario an IMF/WB / CB is bypassed completely & what you then can have is a liquidity pool provided by the private sector ( ref Brian Brooks quote) and say RIPPLE as a ‘BANK’ or liquidity provider for on demand liquidity from a ‘Liquidity Pool’ providing credit on an ‘On Demand’ basis- to either institutions or Sovereign entities …
    I’m of the opinion that we have the gold / silver / assets to do this ( ref Lynn Wood ) & a whole new structure is coming.
    Structure change coming …

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