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Bombing Run for November 23rd & 24th

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Been checking out what the news is lately everybody have Giuliani looking like the fool that he is can't trust Giuliani he's a criminal his best friend is Bernard carrot 8 felonies I don't see a problem with the Democrats stealing the election illegal when the whole system is all the way corrupt who cares who's the best that's still in it each time a president was elected it was a stolen election the people basically never had to say so one man one vote so whoever has the most popular vote should be the winner point blank. Anyone who is supporting 45 is supporting a racist is supporting a criminal a cheat and a liar a manipulator a deceiver and a egotistic maniac I know people don't like to hear this but how many people like to hear the truth or can deal with the truth as Jack Nicholson said you can't handle the truth. That's so with all that said I'll guess I'll just go out and do the Donald you know grab them by the p*say. And that's who you want as your president a thug a rapist.

  2. Trump isn't sending a message to the press with that conference. He is playing psychological games with those corrupt politicians. I guarantee you they were all by the TV waiting for an announcement regarding election corruption and it is driving them crazy.

  3. As a registered democrat, I got sent sooo many absentee, mail-in ballots and voter info!! I should have kept them and handed them all in as I walked in and voted for Trump.

  4. Sam, do you think the watermarked ballots is true? where they're scanned to the blockchain ? That would be irrefutable…

    It was also make you think this is Problem/Reaction/Solution to justify blockchain adoption and therefore crypto etc.

  5. 1. everything is in green.
    2. BTC is almost $20K while xrp cannot reach $1.
    3. All even useless coins doing great.
    4. XLM with no working product doing better than XRP.
    This market 100% manipulated! everything cannot be in green in the same time, useless coins cannot almost always do great, and useless coins cannot do better than coins with use case

  6. Sam what if you cut your 2 hr video into 4 separate videos (like restart your live stream a few times) would that possibly help mitigate your bandwidth being cut? Maybe? I'm sure you thought of that already. Anyway fantastic work Sam.

  7. Hi Sam I've got a question if XRP when to $30 would that make ripple the most valuable company in the world based on the amount of XRP ripple hold and if so if XRP went to let's $100 that would make ripple the most valuable company in the world by trillions

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