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Bombing Run for Thursday December 3rd – The Dam Has Burst

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This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Go to the 1:50 minute marker and LISTEN to how an ALBANY, NY printing operation was printing the Fraudulent Ballots that were delivered to PA. How MUCH in tax dollar's did they cost all of us Albany County TAX PAYER's, because you KNOW it was a UNION shop who they HIRED, who we KNOW charges TOP BUCK, in addition to the criminal election fraud they were hired to be part of.

    Reminds me of another incident that occurred on 9/11/2001, when a flight from NJ flew to Albany, NY, circled Albany, then flew south again, right down to NYC and SLAMMED into the 1st Twin Tower.

    Just sayin… Terrorism PLOTS come in many forms, and sometimes the most unexpected regions are involved and the majority of people have NO CLUE or INVOLVEMENT because those who think they are in Authority are traitor's and do NOT care who they use. AND to think it was happening right UNDER Cuomo's nose since he lives in Albany now, and right under the entire NYS Legislature Branch Hyper controlled by Democrat Socialist's. WOW… what a coincidence!! This is NOT a FBI issue, or even a DOJ matter, but rather a HOMELAND SECURITY, FEMA, and US MILITARY issue just like 9/11 was. SINCE this massive voter fraud was NOT limited to the USA, it happened in several other nations last month, that makes it an INTERNATIONAL CRIME, giving this terrorist attack another commonality with 9/11/2001 that also involved Int'l player's and coordination. Although, some of the other nations, who do not have 50 states, already began ARRESTING the criminals and have called their elections NULL and VOID due to massive forms of VOTER FRAUD. This is an INT'L MOB RING, just like 9/11 was, just like TRUMP said it was.

    The 2021 Election was another form of a TERRORIST ATTACK on the USA. Plain and simple. As a result of 9/11/2001, many of us FINALLY woke up, took a while, but it happened, and THEY will NEVER pull the wool over our eyes for very long EVER again.

  2. Additionally everyone will sell most of their XRP before 12.11.2020 and take the pump profits. No one really cares about the SPARK TOKEN because no one knows what its value will be. A bird in hand is better than a bird in the bush. meaning – selling XRP on 12.11.2020 and making profit is better than the possibility of receiving an airdrop not worth anything. This is a pump and dump scheme because Ripple derived most of 2019 and 2020's profits by selling Ripple – now they need to find a "shinier" way to sell more Ripple. Then as an exit strategy they will blame the SPARK Token Company for "confusion and lack of clarity" and they will express regret to everyone who was influenced by the scam/airdrop (the airdrop will be real it will just be without value). So my prediction? XRP .18 cents 12.22.20.

  3. Sam – Thoughts on why Trump doesn't send Soros, Klauss, etc to the same place he sent Soleimani? Seriously. We need to see people pay for this. Not just jail, not just resign. Im on a 7 day ban from twitter for saying what I think needs to happen – dont want to say it here incase youtube bans me for it too, but lets just say im pretty HUNG.

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