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Bombing Run for Wed. November 18th

Daily XRP News

This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Sam, you've got talent man! I very much have enjoyed the journeys you've been taking us on this year. Whether it's been financial or political analysis…maybe I shouldn't call it political analysis…more like truth analysis! Truth is hard for people! But you've always been hard on us…lol. I fucking love this channel!

  2. Im glad you are woke dude. These dumb kids on youtube actually think Biden already won and we are just crying about the results. Completely ignoring the vast evidence of obvious voter fraud. They are either trolls, retarded, or both.

  3. Factor this into your BS theories and look carefully at Taiwan, NZ and Australia. As for this being a hoax – over quarter million people in your country would likely have another opinion – if they could express it. The Edmonton doctor is blowing bubbles.

  4. It would appear that Carlson is flailing, trying to understand what you claim to know so well. Did I hear him say something about tin foil hat conspiracy theorists proliferation web space?

    Have you offered your highly charged 'evidence' to clear this up immediately? BTW… the Supreme Court will not be on the agenda.

  5. I think most folks would like to understand the efficacy of wearing a mask. You might learn something by being exposed to research and results.

    Especially pertinent to all the low-information mouth breathers insisting that covid19 is a hoax and/or wearing a mask is useless, an infringement of their liberty, dangerous or some other useless, self-serving ignorant hypothesis.

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