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Bombing Run January 12th – FBI and CIA Rescued from the Deep State?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. 1. Third day in a row Pelosi delegated the chair of the house.
    2. Miller (Trump November 9th) deployed an additional 15.000 armed.
    3. Trump signed a declaration of emergency until the 23rd. For Washington.
    4. How can you get tens of thousands of troops into the capital without people even knowing what they are there for?

    With that being said, it did sound like he was saying goodbye yesterday, we had a good run, look at all we did.
    However, there are a multitude of professionals around him, strategists, military minds, with deception acumen, and I'm sure they are well aware of classical warfare principles: divide and conquer, distract, manipulation, information dissemination, leveraging, etc.

    Bottom line. NOTHING WILL SURPRISE ME. Either way: if Biden gets in Trump was defeated, leveraged, scared, etc, whatever the narrative we want to pick. If Trump stays in, well, this will be the single most monumental event in the history of the world since the end of WW2. It will ripple (pun intended) through the world in a myriad of aspects from military, treaties, economy, trade, foreign relations, all the G summits you can think of, etc.

  2. Sam I do not agree with you about the border wall…what it does is funnel all incoming to specific border points where they can be processed…..the drug hwy, that's another problem….

  3. Come on Sam, waiting for a fix due to feeling somewhat anxious because of the fake news my friends are bombarding me with. Make em stop Sam.

  4. Down vote because of your lack to properly prepare for the stream and really annoying video breaks. Time for an new ISP perhaps?

    Otherwise, hope dies last. Doubt anything will happen. When I see it I will stand corrected.

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