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Bombshell News , Polysign , Ripple Ties & XRP +6%

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hey man,

    1) I love your content. Thank you for all the hard work you put into bringing us the info and insight.

    2) I have been in the camp of Dogecoin being worthless. Pretty much buying air.

    3) I hate that I'm saying this, but the fact that Doge has no utility may actually be it's main utility right now. I accidentally caught a livestream put out by Flare Network over the weekend, and unfortunately I was driving so I could only listen, and wasn't paying complete attention to who was saying what, but one thing someone said that stood WAY out to me was, "The easiest way to implement a system like this (referring to involving Crypto in VIDEO GAMES (!!!)… would be to take an existing coin that has no utility, but many people already hold, and then apply a utility (VIDEO GAME TOKENS!!!) to the coin so they would automatically be able to use what they own in our ecosystem." (paraphrase)

    4) FLARE adopted both Dogecoin and Litecoin…I don't think either coin has a utility currently, yet many people own it…

    5) FACT: Flare and Gala games have a partnership. They are pioneers in taking gaming to a whole new level by incorporating crypto into multiplayer games. 

    6) They are going to need a bridge token that is easily accessible…something that a lot of ppl already own that has no utility that can be exchanged easily…something they can just attach utility to…

  2. when banks start to migrate their printed out of thin air "money" in to cryptos, when they simply transfer over their balance and carry on with the same shitty practises. They want the fees and they want the control. BNY Mellon is just one of them. I wouldn't rave about them entering the space and do custody. The whole damn point about cryptos was to be BANK FREE!! They will control and manipulate this space just like they do in the old banking system. Pisses me right off this does – who the hell wants those vultures in crypto??

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