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Brad Garlinghouse AMA Live Stream

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Alex, don’t get yourself worked up. The reactions in the chat room underscore one of the biggest problems with cryptos: lots of immature millennials.

  2. Sounds like from the chat there was a bunch of sad little boys and girls because they didn't hear what they wanted to hear. Those are the one's who don't truly understand what XRP is all about in the bigger picture. Brad said some good things and he also said it's a Marathon. 2019 is the year for main stream adoption and it will be a good year for crypto's, the one's that are actually going to have use cases that is. The US is always late to the party but when they arrive they will take over and want to control it like always.

  3. I thought one of the most important things to take away today was “we can’t release information until our customers are comfortable and ready to.”

  4. We didn't know about bitstamp. Alex is correct. It wasn't Brad who let it slip, he realized he made a mistake so pretended he couldn't remember, then she said bitstamp. His face Hahaha and then "yeah, we love them" clearly wasn't supposed to be stated

  5. Xvia partners have access to use xrapid. There are two subscriptions with Ripplenet, both have access to xrapid. The second is xcurrent. So no more "only" xvia or xcurrent. There's no such thing as an xrapid partner. Everyone is an xrapid partner haha ripplenet is xrapid, essentially. Look at the website. Two access levels, both of which have access to the product xrapid. Yes, I'm repeating myself, but too many are confused with this. 100% of Ripples partners are able to use xrapid. No question. No assumption. No speculation. 100% fact.

  6. I also feel like he was letting the community know that 2019 will be huge for XRP. Never once this year did he predict a run up for XRP, but he said more than once in the AMA that 2019 would bring big things for XRP 😉

  7. Alex, you are wise beyond your years. Great JOB! Do you know why I came to you for this "AMA" and not just gone to ripple was to listen to what little tidbits you picked up.  I thought that was a Quality "AMA" and I have seen literally 100's. I know you were getting annoyed with all the whiners in the chat but they are obviously not skilled investors and rely too heavily on hype and speculation. These are the folks who will sell off quickly and those of us who realize the actual utility of this monster coin will be holding for a while and the prosperity we will receive for our patients cannot and will not be measured in words. Your next live stream that I catch I will be rewarding you for the excellent efforts you make to the community. Thank you so much.

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