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Brad Garlinghouse CEO Of Ripplie Ripple and Crédit Agricole Payment Services

Daily XRP News

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Bertrand Chevallier CEO of Crédit Agricole present the partnership between Ripple and Crédit Agricole Payment Services to experiment. Mr Bertrand Chevallier discuses how Ripple and its blockchain products are helping the banking industry.

Daily XRP News
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  1. I'm gonna throw a bold prediction – I think that lots of xCurrent customers are trialing xRapid right now (if these companies are seeking for liquidity). It's just not all of them wanna make this public (for certain reasons (reputation for banks cuz crypto?)). As we've recently hear – Cambridge FX an xCurrent user since last year – they are piloting xRapid right now. Since xRapid is fairly new to the scene (6 month old basically), to me it seems like Cambridge FX either been offered to test xRapid from the beginning or got intrested in this technology by themselves and started testing it moments later and now we got this announcement. Since Ripple themselves stated that xRapid is still in beta it's simply not ready to be used at such scale. In the Q4 report they said that early in the 2018 they will be building the necessary infrastructure e.g. hedge fund and liqudity providers. Only then things will get rolling, then companies that are currently testing xRapid will start using it.

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