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Brad Garlinghouse Dropped Some Serious Heat on Twitter🔥

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
Daily XRP News
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  1. I really think you would be better off in BTC than in XRP
    But its OK BTC will push the price of XRP up
    The better bet I think is Ethereum which I think will have a better year due to what they are doing in Defi

  2. Alex , Mike is not wrong on his comment.
    If you recap Xrp price has reach 3.82 without all the good news and strong partnership and support from the congress.?
    Why is the price still under one dollar after all the good news ? You all help me to understand the logic of this?
    Why can’t Brad say Ripple wil be selling when the business volume reaches certain height.?
    I think there is a bigger picture in Ripple’s plate than meet the eye.

  3. "

    SBI has made XRP token holders bullish with this announcement, but the RC Cloud system and MoneyTap app, has very little to do with the token. This should be seen as an advance for xCurrent rather than a bullish sign for XRP. "
    Comments plz

  4. Once again TA does not work period even more so in crypto where the average investor has less than ?? $1,000 in the market
    you can see any pattern If you look for it triangles cup saucers head Shoulders
    pennants MACd MA 50 day 200 days until you find your confirmation
    I work with professional Traders who can control maybe $10 million a day plus on their desk in any given market from gold silver sugar oil coal to coconut water lol and if they could read TA they would 60% is an edge !!
    See you all on the beaches of the world with XRP Soooon

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