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Brad Garlinghouse LIKED a Tweet Calling 589ers a Cult. Does It Mean Anything to You?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. Howard Hughes Spruce Goose is a very bad analogy. The Spruce Goose only ever flew once and only got 70 feet off the water and was technically still in ground effect, acting more like a hovercraft than an aircraft and not really flying. I have stocked up on XRP and I will keep buying more when I can. Long term I think it is a good investment – long term is 5 years. BUT – no matter how many utube videos I watch or how much I dream it is not going to increase the odds of the price going up, there is nothing I can do. Right now I just watch all the videos for entertainment.Anybody who tells you they know what is going to happen is lying, nobody knows.

  2. Well, I have to say your point of view is quite logical. Me personally, I love hearing the bits and pieces of news from many YouTubers who do research that I do not have the time for, however, I can very highly appreciate your concerns and desire to tell it like it is. I agree we should all be able to agree to disagree from time to time, and still be friends at the end of the day. Thank you for your videos, & keep up the good work!

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