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Brad Garlinghouse to Be On a Panel With SWIFT CEO! Verso Exchange xRapid. India Government XRP

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Im thinking that the two CEOs meeting in public must be positive for the two companies. The reason why? Why would a CEO open themselves up to a can of worms because someone will win that debate and we know who will win

  2. Logic suggests that this is a win for Ripple, if it’s a debate, Swift have everything to lose…. therefore swift must have a good reason to be there on panel. Maybe discuss their strengths and an Xrapid API tagging on to swift, that’s a win for both companies

  3. I'm 95% invested in XRP but got a question? What do you think of Apollo coin. I know John McAlfee the CEO is crazy but everyone in the tech world knows him as he did a great job with the McAlfee anti virus and still has connections as he is talking of putting Apollo ATMs in several airports and cities thru out the world. I bought a few million Apollo coins for a few hundred dollars. Just wondering. Here is a decent video on Apollo and I'm in my 40s like DAI and I've lost money in penny stock scams about 20k in a medical records co called Medifile based in Florida in which I went to Tallahassee myself and got the Attorney General and Lt Gov of FL involved. I believe in research and I look at regulations a lot in which some new investors don't. I get mad when the market is manipulated but I like to do my research. But what do ya'll think of Apollo in this clip? Thanks

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  5. Cobbbbbb, do not be fooled – Ripple can succeed without XRP. Whilst its in their best interest for XRP to succeed with them its not imperative, never forget that.

  6. ripple and swift at the fintech forum… big deal … the flyer just shows them meaning they are attending or speaking. IT does NOT say they will even share the same stage (on a panel) much less debate each other….

  7. I'm calling it….SWIFT is going to publicly announce that Ripple is going to take over a certain percentage of their business…..BOOM! No, seriously, I have no idea what is going to be said but it is quite ironic that the SWIFT CEO is stepping down and now they are going on stage together. I'll be watching closely!!! XRP!!!

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