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Brazil with Ripple Fintech Technology for cross-border payments and On Demand Liquidity with XRP

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Lets get an ALL fluff, exclusive video Eri. However, full fluff exclusives need to be far few and between so excitement, then demand stay absolute, lest full fluff vids become over saturated.

  2. XRP is not a scam but it is not the coin that will see $1 price for at least 5 years . For last 3 years ,you only heard how ripple was going to replace SWIFT but it could not even take tiny percentage of SWIFT market share . It was a total failure . Ripple has 400 banks as customer and they could not use XRP . Why ?. Before it was " taking over "SWIFT" and now " Nostro Accounts". It will fail for the same reason . XRP can only do small payments because there is no liquidity to do high value payment . With these nickel and dime payments there is no need for higher price . It can do billions of dollars in transaction volume per day without creating scarcity of XRP . Now velocity of XRP will be increased which does not create demand for the token . There is no reason for the price to move up . There is no speculative interest , there is no institutional investment interest , and 100 billion total XRP supply , millions of XRP supply hits the market everyday , Do not fall in love with any investment . Find some ways to evaluate objectively .

  3. Walled gardens are fine but it really doesn't solve their global partnerships. They to will hasbeen to come around to ILP, ODL, and DTL. SBI is adding ripple to all their Partnerships. Which is very large.
    XRP is safe🤘🤘🤘

  4. Thank you Eri, your videos are always extremely useful and informative. And I loved the final part on the traditional japanese fountains. Do you have a garden where you live? I hope I will be able to visit japan with my family, when XRP moves up where it deserves

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