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BIG BG123 Manifesto Clue Solved ( JK ) Kushner Trump White House Connections BIG BG123 Manifesto

Robinhood Political Connections, Kushners, Trumps, The proof is in the partnerships

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Daily XRP News
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  1. CKJ was first to connect Ripple to White House. Kushner close ties with Ken Kurson and Trump.
    Kurson is on Ripple’s board.
    But what’s most interesting is how he obtained a seat on ripples board. He took David Schwartz‘s place on the board. It must’ve been very important if David Schwartz had to give up his seat on the Ripple board?? Just to get Ken Kurson on the board.
    Ripple’s board is made up of some seriously impressive members with deep connections to all the right people and govt entities.

    Ken is in the inner circle of Trump family. There’s no question that Ken Kurson has been in Trump’s ear, promoting Ripple’s vision and XRP’s superiority over other digital assets.

    Imagine one day Trump tweeting about Ripple and XRP???
    It’s really not that far fetched. Maybe after regulations pass congress and Trump signs bill, Wall Street has entered.

    Ripple doesn’t seem to focused on US besides Amex, PNC, BoA and few credit unions.
    Remember, Trump’s tweets are wild cards about anything and everything that he supports. Might come a day in the future when we see support from himself or someone else within Trump circle. Maybe Jared Kushner, who knows. But I can guarantee they won’t support any digital asset with miners in China.
    Ripple and XRP are American born and raised company that will lead the wave of next generation Fintech/digital tech giants coming out of Silicon Valley.

    Why wouldn’t Trump want to show off after he signs a bipartisan bill like taxonomy act?? You’re damn right he will. Man imagine the bull run after that LoL
    I know it’s a slim chance but there’s the obvious known connections via Kurson on Ripple’s board. He’s there for the sole reason for Trump have an ear inside Ripple and XRP development, adoption, and plans

  2. The mic drop pic was in the position of the last day on the calendar, the R3 announcement was on the last day of January (in Japan). The following day the mic pic is removed (start of new month). The white wall remains for the time being, with a whited out bg123 pic (? BG123 on other side of the wall).
    The new pic… Swift sweating as they don't want to make Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen the richest people in history (?resentment, ?jealous, ?not part of the club)…. but they have no other viable options for the time being. If they don't use it they fall behind and continue getting hacked and losing money. R3 and Ripple have them checkmate. #opinion

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