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It does not matter if you are an expert in the cryptocurrency business or a fresh one you must be looking to find a way out from the old-fashioned monetary systems and their small interest rates. You must learn about Bitrue to find new methods of investment. Bitrue intends to remove the gap between centralized and decentralized finance to establish new methods for investors to utilize their crypto. It will help them to gain the most out of their assets.

Along with facilitating the investors, Bitrue also offers a good opportunity for many firms to do business with other firms in the same field. Bitrue is at number two in the XRP token exchange having 15% of the market share. Only Binance has more market shares of XRP tokens than Bitrue. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using Bitrue for purchasing XRP.

Power Piggy Feature

One of the best and interesting features of Bitrue is the Power Piggy. In this feature, Bitrue will pay you for just keeping Crypto Currencies stored on the Bitrue. If you do not want to trade and just want to buy and keep the Crypto Currencies, this feature is ideal for you. It involves few simple steps to claim the profit. You just need to open an account on Bitrue and deposit the Crypto Currencies in it. The list of these is available in the Power Piggy program.

At the moment, there are limited types of coins that are acceptable but Bitrue is working on adding more types of coins in the Power Piggy program. The available coins are ADA, XRP, BTC, TRX, VET, ETH, HOT, and some Permanent Coins Like USDC or USDT, etc. These are all very common coins and most of us have already hold them. You just need to transfer these into your Bitrue account.

The next question is about the amount of money that you will get for keeping these coins in your Bitrue account. Bitrue will pay you at the annual interest rate of 7.3%. But if you are holding the BTR coins, this interest rate can increase up to 10%. That is why the Power Piggy program is very useful even if you are only holding the coins.

Buy Crypto with Credit Card

There are very few exchange companies that are offering Crypto purchasing through your credit card and Bitrue is one of these few companies. If you are new to the Crypto business and do not have the proper understanding of the field, then this feature can be very helpful for you to purchase Crypto. You can purchase the following Crypto coins by using your credit card:

  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
  • Bitcoin(BTC)
  • Litecoin(LTC)
  • Ethereum(ETH)

After purchasing them, you can transfer them to your Bitrue account and can start trading. Bitrue team is also working on another useful feature. With this feature, one will be able to withdraw the money by directly using a credit card. Soon, this feature will be available for the Bitrue account holders.

Choice in the Investment

One of the best things about Bitrue is the choice of investment they offer to their customers. They allow their customers to do business on their own choices. The customer can choose from the two choices for the investment.

  1. Flexible investment
  2. Lock-up investment

Power Piggy feature is the part of the flexible investment, which is by now has become a standard for other exchange companies. The other choice is a lock-up investment. In this feature, you have to keep tokens in your Bitrue account for a specific period. During this period, you are not allowed to use these tokens for any purpose. In this type of investment, you will get your profit at a higher interest rate, up to 13%.

BTR Token

Just like other exchange companies, Bitrue does have its Cryptocurrency token BRT. The BRT is very beneficial as compared to other tokens of exchange companies. It offers a useful asset management function that is also combined with Power Piggy, which brings investors different benefits. You just need to buy BTR tokens once to avail yourself of extra interest in purchasing more BTR tokens. You can earn yourself extra interest up to 20%.

The BTR has a lot of other benefits to offer along with extra interest. You can avail of an extra 40% discount on the existing competitive flat 0.098 trading fee if you pay the fee through your existing BTR tokens. And in Crypto, every single token can make a great difference.

Other Features

There are many other useful features that Bitrue is offering. Bitrue have launched their Android and iOS applications for mobile phone users. It helps you do your trade with ease, more importantly, you can use the application to do trade anywhere in the world. Not many exchange companies have their mobile application.

Another benefit of Bitrue is its presence on social media. If you are having any problem regarding Bitrue services, you can approach them by using social media platforms. They will help you to resolve the issue as early as possible.

Their platform is very secure. Once someone hacked them and stole around $4.3 million of Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA). But the Bitrue team managed to recover all the funds and return these to the owners. They did this within 24 hours of the incident. That shows their bond with their customers.

Why You Should Buy XRP from Bitrue

Bitrue is working on its relationship with the XRP community. It has started establishing a mutual connection with the XRP community since 2018 and they have succeeded in this regard.

Recommended Exchange for Trading XRP

The Ripple has been recommending Bitrue exchange for the XRP businesses. Their relationship was established in July 2018, when Bitrue added the XRP as a root pair. Since then, Bitrue is getting close to Ripple and The XRP community.

Top 5 XRP Trade Volume

As we have discussed earlier, Bitrue and Ripple are sharing a great bond. Bitrue is enjoying almost 15% of the market share of the XRP tokens. As the XRP is the base currency of Bitrue, there are more than 50 pairs of users to purchase and trade XRP on.

XRP Validator

Bitrue has an XRP validator, the purpose of the XRP validator is to verify the financial transactions performed on the XRP ledger. It also ensures that all trades are performed in a trustworthy environment.


Bitrue and its feature are offering empowerment and control to its users. The user can control their finances, which has become a fantasy story in the old-fashioned banking system. They give choice to their user on investing their assets with the Power Piggy program and the BTR tokens.

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