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Can You Crack A $10k ETH Block With 1 RTX 3090 24GB?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I mess with computers and have built a few over the years so this stuff does interest me a lot. If Eth doesn't stay with it's current trend and drops in value once Flare goes live I'll pass other wise I think I'll have to give it a crack!🥂👊🚀

  2. Dude, this is off topic, and I apologise if this is a waste of comment space but I wanted to raise this to someone who would listen, as the channel I raised this point to repeatedly just will not seem to entertain it. It was about this topic of Plan B and the stock to flow model. Re-posted below:

    Have you or has anyone else considered for a moment or two or three who Plan B really might be? What if he is a "Big Banks" person who is on assignment for the Big Banks? And what if the Big Banks wanted to screw everyday crypto investors by putting out a multicycle price profile forecast (ie the Stock to Flow model) in order to reel in the everyday investors by convincing them of past, accurate price forecasts and then really dupe them into believing the next price forecasts of $300k – 700k so that everyday crypto investors pile in on the expectation of those prices when in fact the Big Banks plan to pull the rug from under investors at around, say, the $100k level.

    Remember we have had these "leaks" from Big Banks of similar price predictions compounding the price expectations of around $300k – $700k as well. These "leaks" confirm the bias of bitcoin investors in addition to the Plan B play setting the market up for a royal screw job at a much lower, but still historically impressive, price level. I am putting this out there because nowhere is anyone, that I can tell, considering the possibility of this. Everyone keeps mentioning Plan B, Plan B and lauding him when we don't know who on earth he or she is. I believe in Bitcoin and I do believe, as you say, on "logic" there is huge upwards scope. However, an investment is still an investment and it could, for an unknown or unforeseen (quantum computing??) reason, go south. The above is a possible scenario which should be mentioned at least. Yet another reason to only invest what you can afford to lose.

  3. Ffs, i got scammed, please tell ur subscribers that there Are scammers impersonating u selling how to Get a solo mining proxy rig going and selling gpus, i lost 1600 dollars

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