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Cardinal Pell Convicted – 9th Circuit Judge Exposed – Vatican Dark To Light

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Vatican needs to be disbanded entirely I think. Far too many sick freakish demented pedos running around the place. The Vatican is a hub for every kind of evil you could imagine. As far as RBG, I think she's worm food. Great video Joshie. WWG1WGA

  2. manthis is bad when a cardinal gets arrested for molesting children …wow…this is unbelievable but it's all been exposed. God is going to deal with them big-time!!!! thanks bear for the news on this …stay safe….

  3. I love Baskin Robbins Pralines and Cream Ice Cream. I totally agree with everything you said. I pray for those victims of pedophilia every day. If they live, they will be emotionally and psychologically scarred for the rest of their lives. Some may also bear physical reminders of the atrocities they had to endure. Thanks for being their champion.
    I'm angry and heartbroken the Senate didn't pass a bill protecting the rights of full term aborted babies that are still alive upon completion of the attempted abortion.This is infanticide. Murder is murder no matter what stage of development, inside the womb or out, a baby is in when aborted. Which Republican Senators voted against this bill? I want to know who those monsters are!!! 3 Democrats voted for the bill, God bless them. It really upset me to the point I was crying for some time. Where's a doctor's oath to protect life? This moral degradation is unacceptable. There's so much of it on so many levels it's in so many different ways it's overwhelming.
    Where's RBG? Alive or dead. I don't believe she's sneaking in and out of the Supreme Court. It's ridiculous that no one is trying to prove what condition she's really in. It's not fair to the citizens of this country and isn't it ridiculous. Also, how can a judge that's dead and buried be able to cast a vote from beyond the grave?!!! Our justice system is a joke!!! I totally understand why you have trouble sleeping at night. God bless and keep you. Stay safe my friend. We need good, decent people fighting for what's right.

  4. When you deviate from God's design then all kinds of "twisted behavior" happens. Men must have sexual relations whether they are Priests or Cardinals, they just have manly inclinations given by God, the proper way as designated by God and the Bible. I have issues with the Catholic Church anyway, worshiping the Apostles( thou shall have no God before me ), thou shall worship the Lord and him alone shalt thou worship. When these clergy don't don't have a sexual oulet(wife) then they play with little boys " canoli's". and then we go back a couple of centuries when the Pope "sired" a few illegimate children and then we got the blessings of the old boy in we gave him "filthy lucre" for an indulgence ( our ticket to the kingdom of Heaven). Plus the "deal making" the Pontiff made with the Nazi's over the Jews. Martin Luther pinned the tail on the donkey in the red suit (Pope) and they sent assassins to take him out. Sounds more like the Mafia in clergy outfits. It is an interesting "hobby" of mine to question every angle you just might find out the truth when you "critically"think which few do to day. Most people if you put shit on triscits and told them it was Nuetella they'd eat it. Like General Patton said, "if everybody is thinking the same nobody is thinking at all". Don't about being diverse like that wacko Josie Bear, love you brother your alright even if the Democrats think you suck!

  5. Australians are finally vindicated. People chanted George Pell go to hell! He is such a liar and we have had to cop him lying for so long.The parents of one of the children is suing the church now because their son took to drugs and lost his life.Hope Pell stays in jail for the rest of his days.Now...what about the Pope? I am Catholic.🇦🇺👍

  6. I’m with you, RBG is dead. How long are we supposed to accept the fact that Supreme Court decisions are being written by someone who hasn’t been publicly seen. I think there’s a credibility question there we should worry about. Who the hell is writing her decisions ?! A baby killing commie I’m sure.

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