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Casino Coin XRP L & DeFi, POLYSIGN OUT OF STEALTH MODE, Flare DeFi captures another, Quincy coming!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hey, watched a little further… It’s ME!!!! 😂😂😂 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank you ERI!!! Love you.

  2. Shame on Binance. Its unfortunate Brooks is there bc their ethics have always been questionable. Everywhere from stealing, laundering, and associations with criminal activity. Deny if so choose.

  3. Quincy is flat out wrong. I wish people would actually double check these "geniuses" before they start going viral. I went to school with geniuses. I recognize them when I see them.

    My thoughts on his lesson:

    the trustlines for the xrp ledger are fine tuned for banking, but it's naive to think cbdcs will gravitate towards xlm for the reasons he states… For several reasons. 1) xrp and xlm won't be the base ledgers for the cbdcs the way it sounds like he is understanding them. Ripple and stellar want to offer private ledgers with customizable features for the individual cbdcs. Naturally the validation scripts, trustlines, etc would be trivial to set in either
    system. I'm not even sure why he thinks a country playing with the money of hundreds of millions of people would want what he calls the easy route. (Incidentally, stellar uses anchors instead)… Many countries may need the additional trustline features (in whatever customizable form they end up in) so that they can experiment with more complicated spending features (I.e. programmable money for stimulus and welfare type programs) 2) even if we envision a system that he suggests where banks were using the trustlines in the ripple api run directly on the xrp ledger… Then the central trust would simply be established by the fed as it issues money. It would only be a matter of people changing their trustline in their wallet to accept them. A very tiny update. Again…

    In a private ledger
    they could handle this in initial setup or simply have their own
    validators validate a tx setting the trustlines…. It seems very
    trivial to me The private ledger system is basically a sandbox with
    all display for a country to play with. The work he imagines being a
    huge burden is already done in the ripple sandbox… Also, the
    scripts he is suggesting for buying and selling xrp pairs are not
    novel…. But they will result in massive IRS audit if not reported.
    Each transaction should be listed as a sale which is going to be a
    lot of paperwork.

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