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Central Banks Will Pour Gasoline On The Digital Asset / XRP Fire And Ripple

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Does anybody know if the Bitrue exchange will sell BTR coins to US citizens after the presale or are we locked out totally? And does this mean we can't do any trading on Bitrue? Can't tell for sure from reading the site.

  2. SEC is probably between a rock and a hard place because they know BTC's a ponzie scheme but then financial firms are riding their asses because they want to be on the ground floor of the next pump and dump.

  3. I wake up every morning excited, before Just trying to be content being a working man. Love the dream and I really do believe. Of course there’s this little thing in my head that says yeah right 😞 who are you….. well I have a shit load of coins now so we’ll see lmao 🤣. I don’t talk to anybody about cryptocurrency because the ridicule and basically they’re telling me I’m stupid. Thanks to all of you of the XRP community could not do it without you. Big boy pants on. Looking for a better life and a better life of the next generation of the family.🎈🥳🎊🎉👏

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