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CEO Yoshitaka Kitao powers up SBI Virtual Currencies & SBI Remit, Justin Sun TRX TRON Interview

Daily XRP News

SBI FinTech Solutions Co., Ltd.powers up the subsidiary Company SBI Cosmoney for Cross Border Payments.

Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao powers up SBIVC Trade with Japan T-Points Card.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Your energy is always amazing. Do you meditate ? If so I would love to know if you listen to music and the type.Thank you for the update. After the Cloud Atlas announcement I pulled the trigger on Tron but this further confirms my belief.

    And serious I appreciate your videos … very genuine. Thank you again.

  2. Hello Eri thank you for another amazing video! Japan is a country that I always wished I would be able to go for at least 2 weeks straight. There is just so much to see there. I loved the fluff, I am Portuguese and had an idea that Portugal traded with Japan long ago but I didn´t knew they had this kind of influence in the glass industry. Thank you once again for the info 🙂

  3. I have a feeling much of your research time is focused on XRP or Tron. I was wondering if you could take a look into Apollo APL. Would look forward to your opinion. I understand Kevin O'Leary has taken notice of this Digital asset.

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