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Chainlink is Currently a Steaming Pile of Shit

This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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  1. Even if somthing is a scam if it has volume and liquidity and volatility you can still make money! I enjoyed Chainlink for the last few weeks

  2. if u go on Zeus Capital Twitter account, on July 20 they posted a tweet that said they did not produce research on the subject of chainlink crypto… whats up with that?

  3. To all LINK Holders; be happy with articles and videos like that. The link community is working everyday and we see the project become bigger everyday, so its great to have people talking shit about something while the team shows progress everyday. We wont be down under 6-7$ Dollar Forever, so buy now and and have great roe at the end of 2020-21 I do think the title is just trolling so all link fanboys hate and comment, dont jump on that train. To everyone who‘s not in Link yet, now is the time to do that. Have a great day all 🙂

  4. It's really hard to meet the real hackers I've been scammed of $2000 worth of bitcoin before one of my working colleagues introduce me to this secret hacker called hacker jua…I was really scared to trust him at first so I won't fall victim with the little I have to live on…but I tested him with just little payment and he funded my wallet with 0.66btc daily for 7 working days..I was totally amazed..then I trusted him and started generating more till I recover my loss and even get to invest more..he's really great.i cant believe I can recover back all my losses thanks to @hackerjuan on him up for assistance..if you need.

  5. BTC is about to plummet below 3k and it's happening within the next 6 weeks. I think most likely 4 weeks.

    This will coincide with the stock market dying again.

    This will probably coincide with coronavirus lockdowns again just like last time.

    After it falls to below 3k…? It's falling to 1k. Several times. It won't go back over 1500 for about a year. The bull run begins in about 12 months.

  6. Off topic. With US banks now able to legally custody digital assets. Would that clear the way for them to run Ripple software as well as utilizing the XRP digital asset for settlement?

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