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Charts Screaming XRP Bull Party, Ripple And Binance Delists Bitcoin SV

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. If Bitcoin continues pass $5000 and goes to $25k per BTC which will most likely be by the end of the summer or start of Winter this year. XRP could potentially increase to over $5 per XRP this year which is not a bad gain if you invest now.

  2. Everyone should look at that last BG pic of the Christmas tree scene. It's telling what cryptos will die. Bsv just got delisted I'm adjusting my portfolio now. Glad I don't have btrash.

  3. All of you who believe that XRP will reach hundreds of dollars soon, you are just fooling yourselves and the rest of the world , you are dreaming to get rich over night. You have to understand that while almost 60% of XRP is still owned by Ripple there is no way the price to go higher, this means that there is not enough demand for XRP. The market works on offer and demand, the price goes up when there is demand!!!!! For the XRP price to go up and reach the price you are dreaming, 1..5…10$ first Ripple must sell all the XRP that are still holding, get rid of stocks, this will take years because the total supply is very big!!!!!. Normally if you wan't to get rid of stocks the first thing any seller is doing is to lower the prices, so please expect that the XRP price will drop even further in the near future. Look what is currently happening, if BTC price goes up XRP stays, if BTC is dropping XRP is dropping also. In case now BTC suddenly drops to the value before the current bull run, around 3000$, XRP can drop even until 0.1$. So stop dreaming and stop wasting your time day by day doing videos about tweets and how many times Brad Garlinghouse is farting daily.

  4. The reason bitcoin gets bad press some richies have been bashing it. Because stocks are backed by fiat and bitcoin has out performed stock. Eventually they will need to take crypto for stock. The younger generation rather buy a bitcoin and huddle more than stock. They always have a financial advisor or stock boy do the dirty work on the story about bitcoin.

  5. There is a person who owns several media outlets behind the negative stories about bitcoin. The people even went as far to say not to buy bitcoin at the start of April. These stock people some oppose bitcoin because they sell less stock. And the corporations loss because btc.

  6. I wouldn’t worry too much , someday they will have no choice but to make a XRP movie because it’s going to be in everybody’s face 😉

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