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Christine Lagarde Body Language Clues

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Thanks to the Body Language Ghost, I’ve got loads of new insights of into the recent CNBC interview that you’re gonna want to hear.

Body Language Ghost Video:

Daily XRP News
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  1. I post on alot of channels and I was surprised that nobody talked about the MPESA and how it was adopted in keyna. You should have seen Lagardes body language as the central bank in Kenya explained their success. You could just see her knowing that this will happen in the USA and guess what MPESA uses no mining sorry BTC you can stay delusional all you want but btc is only good for first to the market and it would be wise to hold some.

  2. Sam, we have had some small exchanges on your page in the past couple years and I’ve always enjoyed our ability to agree on most everything. This video, I think as a former US military profiler 87-91, is best reviewed, as we commonly did then, in reverse. I agree with a lot of the analogies and wanted to add that she’s lived her answers and shows a confidence in what she’s experienced. She knows what she’s saying is true and made a decision on her response. You can see that she almost became guarded in her first response, but changed her stance on it to a more positive stance, which “women” will OFTEN do as they begin to talk to another woman. She’s definitely in the loop when it comes to information on things to come in the crypto world. Let’s hope the time is near for us to realize our goals and also hope that big money doesn’t try to take them from us. There is still a secret partnership hidden somewhere. HOLD!

  3. The XRP army is delirious. Why would XRP be adopted by the big boys of wallstreet. They will create there own coin. Already are…

  4. Exciting times… hope XRP is chosen and a higher stable price is used. Why not use it and take it off the public market? No market means no fluctuations and thus stable. Control and stability achieved. What I fail to see is XRP isn’t sold out each month and why aren’t they, if they want control just clone xrp source code, start from scratch and be done with it? Why on earth did David sell at this point in time? A real question here! Manipulation technique to shake out average joe? Could be…

    A possibility is that xrp already was chosen way back and now we see the last stages of a plan set in motion long ago. I hope xrp is the one and we as small time holders see rise in value or will we be screwed over… time will tell and it’s the experience of a lifetime either way. Enjoy life 😀

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