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CITI Banker Says ALL ASSETS Will Be Tokenized & If Gold Is Repriced At $50k, Higher XRP Value Needed

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. So you revalue gold… But it is still only priced in USD.
    So gold itself isn't worth more.. It's only. Worth more in relation to the usd.

    How does that solve anything when usd isn't going to be sought after anymore with bricks economics using their own currency. And can then revalue gold in rubles or yuan or xrp or anything.
    This seems like pure fomo hype to run the gold price up rather than it be a thing that happens.
    As exactly the same thing has happened many times before.

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  3. At 50k an ounce vs just the yearly US GDP, the US would need 480 million tons of gold. According the the googles, US currently has under 10k tons. I’m sure I’m missing something, but seems pretty far fetched.

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  5. Interesting thought bubble – If we go to a multipolar financial world where the USD is no longer the preferred global reserve currency, and the BRICS promote an alternative accepted global currency based around gold/commodities/basket of currencies, and gold get revalued in that model, it could provide the biggest arbitrage of all time between their revalued price of gold vs the JPM manipulated price of gold 🙂

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