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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. 37% from crypto bear and he doesnt give his other percentage holdings there for XRP holdings I think it means 10 days (3+7) which is around 13/14th dec – he was also using specific terms such as disruptive tech, great team etc, hinting strongly towards Ripple – disruptive tech has been strongly associated with Ripple . Decoder giving number 11 is again 11 days from that date which is around 13/14th Dec. Rachel Lee also recently posted that BG decoder has mentioned to expect something huge from 13th – 14th Dec via an email he has been sending to youtubers. Open to hear thoughts on this.

  2. i'd like to believe richierich, but its hard to imagine someone up the chain risking their position to share info with the little guys. maybe theres a concerted effort to spread rumors of huge imcoming cash, while early adopters cash out via the back exit. anyway, i love your work Sam, thanks for pumping so much time into this

  3. FAKE BEARABLEGUY123? Hey SamIAm The most recent “BG123” that just popped up a few days ago could be an impostor because when u copy and paste @bearableguy123 to a Word Doc from his Twitter page and capitalize his name, the lowercase “L” is actually the uppercase letter i( BEARABiEGUY123”). Do your due diligence and tell me what u and the others think. Love the vids by the way, keep up the good work. Thanks, Acts 13:38-39

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