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Coinbase Lists DAI Coin But Not Ripple XRP

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. This whole charade with CoinBase is nothing more than a well orchestrated show of smoke and mirrors. They know full well the impact and reaction these other listings will have on the market and with crypto investors, especially XRP investors. This is a billion dollar company: Don’t think for one second they don’t know how this is playing out. Or that they plan on coming in second or third in the crypto space. XRP will undoubtedly be listed, but only when “they, the powers that be” are ready to put this market back in a fast forward motion. I can hope with the rest of you that it will be on this “12 days of Xmas bs”, but all we can do is sit and wait. I fully agree with the thought process of them listing XRP would be the needed trigger for the next rally. These other bs coin listings are just filler for the time they’ve been taking to finish whatever the hell it is they’ve been up to behind the curtain.

  2. keep buying keep and losing your money, Anyone under 35 will believe you because they have no experience. All these accounts on youtube can be deleted in a second once they pump and dump. Keep selling people dreams and they will buy cow dung as long as its marketed right.
    I've been copying and pasting this message on all videos. They create them faster than i can copy and paste this message.
    please look at youtube account subscribers and shares. One way of working out if account fake or genuine. some are even stopping messages from being written under them.

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