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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. i am from the future. xrp has reached 589 and no one's selling. the weak hands were shaken out at $10 and $50. the banks have been putting hits out on known xrp holders so they have to live in secrecy. many major companies like walmart and nike have been put out of business by companies started by xrp holders. holders dont even sell. they make money off interest. many men have come out claiming to be vincent wilson. some have even been assassinated. brad garlinhouse and david schwartz artwork is everywhere and people are even getting tattoos of their portraits. there are indeed bitcoin citadels but they are in new cities that havent been built yet.

  2. What about the theory that that Julian assange is satoshi, and that is the reason the IMF gave all that money to Ecuador the day before he was arrested? Maybe the plans are in motion to take out bitcoin

  3. Lovely video, thank you for putting out such helpful and encouraging video,BTC has being the trend and has being helping people grow lately, due to the lack of experience, knowledge and ignorance about the crypto world made most of us loose our Bitcoin, me recovering half of what have lost was hell for me cause I had to do some major research, watch videos, fortunately for me I was introduced to Adrian Markus from Denmark who is addressed as the “THE GURU TRADER”, he was always mentioned by most traders and youtube videos cause of his experience and good works and was fortunate to get to him is mail, he provided me with the basic of understanding the benefit of trading over hodling especially in speculative market,why we wait on the better days ahead of us, if you think you lack experience, intermediate and even advanced who has problem having consistent profit when you invest then I will suggest you seek advice and guidance from Mr. Adrian, for more questions reach him at via ((Malthewilliam6@gmail com))

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