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Coming to the Tree?

This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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  1. Got a chance to watch the video and I can tell you that even though I'm prepared, I'm still NOT prepared..πŸ˜‚
    Stay safe my brother and thanksπŸ‘

  2. my parents have a garden, decent size you could probably park two city buses on it thats how much space the garden takes up and its fillleddd with tomatoes etc. But we noticed how overnight we would have less and less things in the garden during summer so we put a outdoor camera and i captured people stealing from our garden during night… this was happening during the time when economy was good etc (previous summers) i cant imagine whats gonna happen this year and in the future, these people will take alll our shit if there is any type of foot shortage etc.

  3. Finally I understand why you have been wrong about absolutely everything. I knew you were subject to fanciful imaginings and wacky predictions, but now I know you lack the ability to separate fact from fiction.

  4. Go to a garden supply place and buy cinderblocks place them with holes facing up and fill them with Miracle grow potting or garden soil. Mow down the grass area before you place them and I would buy extra potting soil because when the grass dies the soil level will drop. Make them 4 wide long ways as long as you want and plant purple hull peas or any type of beans or whatever you want to grow.

  5. sam, you are an investigative journalist, you should know by now that there's no scientific proof that covid19 exists, its never been isolated, THERE HAS NOT BEEN AN INCREASE IN DEATHS OVERALL, just some deaths are being labeled as covid19 instead of what they were usually always previously labeled to be, this link is just one of many sources including medical professionals that have exposed covid19

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