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Confessions of a Bitcoin Maxi

Daily XRP News

Walking through the comments from the last Proof of Work video to discuss some common misconceptions and FUD in the Cryptocurrency space.

Daily XRP News
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  1. Sam, do you know of any way to earn from the value of my XRP once it hits a certain level without actually selling any of it? To be more specific, some way to earn interest from my XRP just like depositing fiat currency in a traditional bank savings account? Thanks.

  2. Nice work Sam! This is FTL Wayne lurking in the shadows, expressing my gratitude for your thoughtful, informative content. Let talk soon…

  3. Thanks for the great work same. I think the community would appreciate if we talked about the threats coming from Visa entering the blockchain industry as well as Facebook. Thank you

  4. Hey Sam! All I can say is I'm sure glad I'm plugged into your info. It gives me reassurance about the future of xrp and that we're investing in the right digital asset. Thanks for doing the great job that you do…keep it up and I'll keep tuning in!!

  5. AC (alternating current) has far more utility than DC ( direct current), However the utility of AC doesn't negate the importance DC, for instance your car battery (which is DC) is what's used start your car. Yes XRP is AC, and Bitcoin is DC, but that doesn't negate Bitcoin's importance.

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