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CONFIRMED Ripple Deployment In Shanghai, China and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Bank Tokens

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Daily XRP News



    Yes I know dubai is located in the UAE and not Saudi Arabia, Had no clue why i said this but im guessing because we have so many developments in the middle east it is hard to keep track 🙂

  2. XRP = MANIPULATION + fraud + HYPE + PUMP and dump + centralize & controlled + SPECULATION.
    1. When XRP rises by 10% (due to pump – assumption) whales can easily make millions in a relatively short time assuming theN start dumping.
    2. OTC Transactions: Big amount of transactions has no impact of price. Later whales are dumping in retail market.
    3. SEC declaration: SEC will keep delaying their decision on XRP.
    4. All the xrp utubers are clown & joker coz their EOY 2018 prediction were wrong. Don't trust them at all. All rubbish.
    5. At least one major bank will use Xrapid by EOY 2018 – CEO Ripple (Brad). It is 2019 & no major bank is using Xrapid. What a lie & fraud.
    Conclusion: XRP will not touch at 1 dollar mark in EOY 2019.

  3. Tip! Buy some TRON. Its increasing in price quickly now. Hold it on binance and you will recieve BTT (bittorrent) tokens aswell. ( i just want to help the XRP community to make profit with this tip )

  4. Anyone in NC the crypto club of NC will be having a crypto party at the big Easy bar in downtown Raleigh. I will be in Vegas Jan 15 thru 19 at the Silver 7s casino. Trying to get some XRP ppl together that can tell me all of the big crypto news from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas which is supposed to be a main theme. My email is Have a great 2019

  5. Devils advocate based on some news I heard today. Link is here . If ripple is getting one bank per week that would roughly be 48 per year. Swift has 11,000 banks using their technology. Ripple has less than 200 correct me if I’m wrong. At this rate of 48 per year they are moving too slow. Also Swift’s new technology now can send and receive in an HOUR compared to their 2-3 day previous tech. NBK and Santander are using the new swift tech as well as xrapid. Supposedly only .15 cents to send and receive using the new swift. Ripple does it for less than a penny and takes 2-3 minutes. Is ripple that much better and how can the slow introduction of banks at 48 a year going to catch up to 11,000? Can we see that much price change at this slow rate. I’m an XRP believer but we need devils advocates. Knowing that xrp wants to take most of Swift’s market can they do this quickly enough before swift a BIGGER company improves their already 1 hour and only .15 cent transaction ?Thoughts from non crazy $589 believers?

  6. You really should not use Coinmarketcap. They clearly have a history of not displaying the market cap of XRP correctly. Why support that?

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