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Congress Smells The Money In Ripple XRP And Digital Assets

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. the WALL will be built by new retail investors money, wallstreet will push all all their clients money to feed us HODLERS in the initial stage of the runup , And we also NOT going to dump all our XRP when it hits 589 Remember <we also using it as a store of value like those new retail investors WHY WOULD YOU DUMP ALL? I wouldn't > WHAT IF THE NEW RUNUP AFTER THAT INITIAL 589 is now projected at $1089/XRP ? Remember Remember the 5th o november the Dollar i s getting dumped as a global curency , The world has lost trust in USD. They want alternatives

  2. Isn't Tom Lee the guy who is consistantly wrong about bitcoin predictions. Happy I've decided xrp is the real future. Thank you for you many videos. Done loosing on bitcoin until compitulation. May diversify with bitcoin in a month or two when I believe it will bottom. Thank you D.A.I

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