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Crazy New Ripple Riddler Link Involving Ancient Numerology & New World Order!

Daily XRP News

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I’m not sure if you’re allowed to share links guys, so just type in gematrix calculator into Google! Should be near the top.

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Daily XRP News


  1. If you watch the movie 23 with Jim Carrey while surfing that website and drinking Starbucks you will literally be able to bend time and become both heaven and hell in one 🖖👽I'm personally rooting for Aliens to arrive so that everyone can get free colonoscopies and remove the PC pipes stuck up their 🍑's without getting so easily triggered 😂👍 lol who knows but I think Bitcoin is the bad one XRP like Noah's Ark will set us free ⛈🚣‍♂️🚣‍♀️⛵🚤🛳

  2. XRP community has gone crazy with this kind of stuff! All they seem to care about is their profits with total disregard for what has been promoted by some and the true consequences. They see what they want to see in those riddles, and follow those leading the pack without question. They believe anything they are told. It has become very disturbing.

  3. Check out Zachary K. Hubbard if you want to learn the language of Gematria and how our entire world is scripted and pre planned based on this Jewish practice. From sports to news stories to mass shootings, Gematria rules the world. Freemasons are the main users of this "religion"

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