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Creepy Uncle Joe Resurfaces – Bizarre Adventures of Barry & Friends

Daily XRP News

Let’s talk about Creepy Uncle Joe & some other things today…


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Daily XRP News
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  1. Yeah JB…toot your own horn…we ALL know it…you're the dude that just puts it out there…kudos to you. I really like you singin Joe Byy…den 😆😆😆

  2. Barry flew to pedo island with Clinton ,enough said.Human excerment is what they are💩💩💩💩👎Look at video of Sessions slapping his hands away from his grandchild🤩🇺🇸

  3. The Women count of touchy feely creepy Joe is now 7 that have come forward. He used to take off his swimming trunks if there were female Secret Service Agents assigned to watch him. The perv is Dead in the water it’s over before it gets started

  4. I saw Biden stalking you outside your car. Ya think he wants to sniff your hair and whisper in your ear? 😯
    He did say he would be "more mindful" of personal space, but doesn't apologize for his actions. There's a picture of him with his hands on both sides of a young child's face with his lips inches away from her lips. I'm sure he continued and kissed her on the lips. That's more than just personal space. What kind of person kisses a little kid on the mouth? I'm sure the poor little girl didn't really understand why he did that. It's bad enough he does the touch, sniff and whisper to women, but I can hardly watch him touching young girls; sometimes stroking their hair or face; some of the touching becoming groping; and what does he whisper in their ears?!!! Why are parents just standing there letting him do that to their daughters?!!! Because of who he is and his connections, I don't know if there will be serious repercussions or not. I honestly hope there will be some.
    Take care and I hope you're feeling better. Praying for you. God bless!!!
    MAGA Trump 2020

  5. He'll get in trouble for being a satanic pedophile. The creepy touching is mild compared to what he, Barry & Mike, HRC & Bill do underground or in a temple on an island.

  6. We must look at the ponderous of evidence and what would happen in a court of law. For Joe Biden it goes much further than "hugs". For hugs every politician could be found guilty. For the way Pelosi and others stick up for creepy uncle Joe is pretty funny. After what they tried to do to the President…wonder if uncle Joe did any locker room talk when you look at some of the 'casual things' he did. This is insane on Pelosi's part. BTW if you're into getting into girl's spaces or smelling hair or kissing, holding, fondling, touching maybe you wanna take Nancy's advice when she says: "I'm a member of the Straight Arm Club – (Sticking her right arm out). Let's just pretend you have a cold and I have a cold. But I think it's important for the Vice President and others to understand that it's not what you "intended" it's how it was "received"………………………………..….So just pretend you have a cold Joe. Join the 'Straight Arm Club'.  Only one slight little thing Joe. The guy living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. will not let the Democrats help you sweep this under the rug.  Being weird and inappropriate seems to be a pattern for the Vice President. Let's not forget one time, it was about 10 years ago he worked for the Washington Post, journalist, author Ron Kessler reported that the former Vice President Joe Biden liked to swim naked all the time even when female Secret Service agents felt uncomfortable with that. ……………………………………………….Specifically as a report from Katie Pavlich on July 31st, 2015, not too long ago: "Joe Biden likes to swim naked in front of female Secret Service agents".  Kessler called it "offensive to his security detail".  In that sense it's not so funny is it?  Biden's office said: "No comment" when these claims were originally published. While all this is going on…one person is noticeably MISSING from defending his former VP……Where is BARACK OBAMA in all this?     We'll wait.

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