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Daily XRP News
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  1. The way I remember the Internet getting regulated was kind of the same narrative that you guys are giving now they had a lot of us concerned especially about tax allocation by state,and correct me if I’m wrong but I think when all those regulations came out most people were pretty pleased with them? your thoughts?

  2. Great speculation on China Influencing Clayton! Very well could be right! Another speculation could be that the SEC wants their money and also to legally say who will be the stewards of the escrowed XRP! They’re not going to let a tech company control all that XRP when it values in!

  3. Eventually Ripple will negotiate and settle the deal… That way its Good for the business.. The more time it takes to settle lawsuit in court the higher the loss for business..

  4. I’m in the early watching the replay but so far You guys never mentioned the Circle/ Goldman Sachs competitive cross border payment system using USDC that Jay is connected to and its ability to jump ahead of Ripples ODL if this takes a year or two. This could also easily be about the banks pulling strings fighting back on losing business to the alternatives. Also whether it could all be about getting leverage to get some or all of the escrow which would become out of reach if ripples market and XRP get the clarity and take off.

  5. *****@tothelifeboats – could the fact Ripple wants to IPO, they now must has regulation on their crypto assets prior to moving forward…? Thoughts?

  6. Two things that makes me wonder.

    1. Can a government department supersede a other government department decision? For instance, the DOJ and FinCEN deemed xrp a currency. Can the SEC recall that?

    2. Can someone be conflicted/finned twice for the same irregularity?
    Can ripple be finned twice for the same irregularity, selling of a unregistered currency in the period prior to 2015?

  7. Maybe this lawsuit will set a precedent for a new modern version of "Howdy test" applicable to all digital assets. BTC & ETH who are not securities due to old rules but could be classed as securities under this new ruling. Ripple seem confident they will win.

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