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Crypto Now An Election Issue, Rothschilds , Hoares And Ripple XRP

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  1. Do you not understand patterns? How many people have complained to you already on you POOR sound quality? OBVIOUSLY there is a problem. Or are you too stupid to comprehend? Why donโ€™t you take a break on XRP and do research on ACOUSTICS!!! Experiment on which room is best sounding and buy a better fucking microphone! How much can a decent microphone cost? Are you that fucking cheap? Record in different rooms then playback and hear yourself. You just might find a solution. If not, then buy a quality microphone and utilize it. Writers proof read their stuff. You should follow suit and enhance yourself as well. Better yourself, or if you donโ€™t want to then GTFO and stop making videos! Itโ€™s as simple as that.

  2. This price is nothing compared to what the price will be November 2020…… trust me I know a guy and his TA is spot on and he said 15 to 18 months from we will be so farrrrrrrrrr in the green !!!!!

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