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Crypto Telegram Bot Scammers Shutdown!

Daily XRP News

In a huge win for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, removed all Telegram bots using their service and are requiring them to prove they are legitmate before resuming service. This effectively shut down dozens of bot scams in one fail swoop.

Daily XRP News
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  1. Cheers Sam, keep it going mate, you do good, these lowlifes should go to jail, do not pass go, or collect 200xrp, but go straight to jail

  2. Guys , Rule of thumb : no legit financial investment entity/groups ( fiat or Crypto) operates on Telegram ( or any other anonymous communications channel ) without an address/license/…etc.

    Second thing , with these returns Why would they need to get you in to their money making machine !? because they want to spread the wealth , by making you invest money !!!?? Get real people and good luck

  3. Sam, everyone should thank you for what you're doing. It's rare not only that you provide us valuable information about XRP, but also willing to take the time from your schedule to track these scammers down and expose them. On top of that, I've never seen you even ask for money or donations.
    I appreciate your time and efforts.

  4. Good job Sam! Any thoughts on Bitrue? I seen their site advises 7.5% (Example 10,000 xrp will yield 2 xrp daily). With all your videos as of late I felt your opinion would be helpful in making my decision in storing with them.

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