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Cryptocurrency Exchanges RUSH in to support XRP Airdrop and Coinbase is “unlikely” to participate

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hello and Thank you Eri. From a very Learned Man in Tasmania, PS They are driving the price of Self Storage Devices Up as well as The Demand for them ALL. PPS XRP = GOLD

  2. i dont believe trump is going to pick janet yellen as secretary of treasury.. the electoral college will elect trump as potus on january 6th or 7th.. i am not pro trump or pro biden .. just saying what's going to happen

  3. eri.. if everis would've shown "digital asset ledger(s)" or "ntt data/everis ledger" then yes, that brochure is most likely outdated and irrevelent.. since they show xrp ledger, and don't have any financial investment in ripple that i know of, then they know from their global contacts in high places that its going to be the xrp ledger that connects it all, doesn't have to do it all, just going to be the ledger that connects moneytap to something similar on the other side of the world etc, it doesnt matter what anyone comes up with, xrp ledger (via ILP) was designed to be that bridge whenever whatever wherever needs it to connect to whatever, everis used that brochure as a sales tool for everis/ntt data services in that space, telling their prospects/customers "this is what its going to be, and we can help you get prepared".. some of the peripheals on those charts may change, but there is no other logical reason that i can think of as to why everis would make up that brochure specifying xrp ledger when they could've just labeled it generically. IMO anyways 🙂

  4. I can't believe that Steve Munuchin of all people came out with these lies..I mean he is a corrupt person, and to say that they have done so much to regulate the market. He is gone and I been telling all you folks for a year that Trump was not a freaking friend of XRP. I really wish you guys would wake up…..As always Eri is always on point.

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