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Daily XRP News
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  1. US Securities Regulator Solicits Blockchain Analytics Companies for Data Review





    The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is seeking sources for blockchain data and its analysis, a statementissued by the agency revealed on Jan. 31.

    According to the statement, the SEC is trying to find businesses able to provide blockchain data to support its risk monitoring and compliance enforcement activity, as well as inform the commission about digital assets. Last month, the agency announced that cryptocurrencies are one of the its top examination priorities for the current year.

    According to the Jan. 31 statement, the agency expressed interest in potential sources for data concerning the most popular blockchain ledgers. Other than providing the data, the companies are also required to parse the data for ease in reviewing.

    Furthermore, the SEC also requests information concerning an overview of the data extraction, conversion and verification processes. The agency also asks the participating companies to outline their “capability to derive insights from the available data,” including the identification of the owners of crypto addresses.

    Companies willing to respond to the agency’s request should send their response via email by Feb. 14 containing a brief capabilities statement package, the document notes.

    In August 2018, an agent of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) notedthat while privacy-focused cryptos are more anonymous than Bitcoin (BTC), the agency has still ways to track them. The agent, Lilita Infante, declared:

    “The blockchain actually gives us a lot of tools to be able to identify people. I actually want them to keep using them [cryptocurrencies].”

    Managing partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Scott Kupor, also suggested in mid-July 2018 that “Bitcoin is law enforcement’s best friend” due to the ability to track illicit transactions on

  2. I have traded into USDT a few times when things have got volatile and then bought back into XRP and made a gain. I would be hesitant to leave anything in them for too long. When a significant bull run starts up you will see a lot of people who have parked their money in stable coins start shifting back into the market. It will be interesting to see just how stable these "stable" coins are when money starts draining out of them.

  3. Theoretically you WANT stabel coins. the companies that put them out make money from the interest SOOOO in theory if XRP goes to a million dollars you can buy a million dollars worth of stable coin. That means if XRP crashes after that it wouldn't matter because you still have your million bucks, This would mean that you can put the stable coin on your hard wallet and cash out over a long period of time with out losing funds… which is a blessing to small people who have small limits on the exchange..So the question is who's stable coin do you trust? Coinbase? Gemini? Binance??? having stabel coins on the exchange is not a concern people realize that stable coins are not an investment, so even if a stable coin was ranked number 1 it wouldn't matter. What would matter is if each country had a stable coin, then you would have a real forex crypto market just like you do for trading fiat… JMHO

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