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David Schwartz Podcast on Ripple, XRP the Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Tribalism

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David Schwartz is the Chief Technology Officer at Ripple, the company behind the cryptocurrency XRP. What is it like to start, build and build out a crypto startup and yes, why is crypto so tribal.
Listen to the entire podcast here:

Daily XRP News


  1. The points in this video are so relevant, poignant and needed to be heard by ALL digital asset communities, especially ours! (XRP)
    Think of how bad the in-fighting has gotten for David Schwartz to address this matter!!!!! Good video Eri..

  2. The time involved Rendering vids and uploading on a computer from 2011 would kill me. This from a guy who would sit up all night on his commodore 64 with a phone cuff/dial and try to send papers (lines of text) to the college to test the new net….. my how times have changed.

  3. Just saw this comment and wanted your take on it: "Jeb McCaleb, the creator of XRP, is dumping 499K XRP every single day for almost 8 months now, the max amount legally he is able to dump…. do you think he'd be dumping 499,,000 XRP a day if he thought it was "Going to the MOON!" I swear I'm not a FUDster. I hold XRP and am hoping it does what everyone says believe me. But this question is haunting me. What are your thoughts Eri?

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